Finger Flexors

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There is no precise hand equivalent for the plantar response, however, finger flexor reflexes can help demonstrate hyperreflexia in the upper extremities. Test finger flexors by tapping gently on the palm with the reflex hammer. Alternatively, heightened reflexes can be demonstrated by the presence of Hoffmann's sign. You can elicit this sign by holding the patient's middle finger loosely and flicking the fingernail downward, causing the finger to rebound slightly into extension. If the thumb flexes and adducts in response, Hoffmann's sign is present.

60. Finger Flexors


What is Being Tested?

Babinski's sign is associated with upper motor neuron lesions anywhere along the corticospinal tract. Note that it may not be possible to elicit Babinski's sign if there is severe weakness of the toe extensors. Hoffmann's sign, or heightened finger flexor reflexes suggest an upper motor neuron lesion affecting the hands.

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