The NeuroExam Video

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Running time: 36 minutes
Available for purchase through the Sinauer Associates, Inc. website

The NeuroExam Video demonstrates how to perform a complete neurologic examination. It is intended for medical students, residents, and other students in the health care professions. We recommend that this video be used in the classroom setting, where it can be shown in its entirety or using selected excerpts. Students can then review the exam by visiting, and can learn about the neuroanatomical interpretation of the exam by reading the textbook Neuroanatomy through Clinical Cases.

The NeuroExam Video introduces the neurologic exam, and then presents a detailed demonstration of the exam consisting of the following six subdivision:

  1. Mental status
  2. Cranial nerves
  3. Motor exam
  4. Reflexes
  5. Coordination and gait
  6. Sensory exam

In the era of modern neuroimaging methods, the neurologic exam remains an essential diagnostic tool. It is a critical way station in the clinical decision making process, dictating whether imaging studies or other tests are required. In addition, the neurologic exam enables the clinician to decide what regions should be imaged, and when emergency therapeutic interventions are needed prior to any diagnostic tests. By understanding how to perform and interpret the neurologic exam, health care professionals in all specialties can help preserve the functioning of the nervous system, vastly improving patient quality of life.

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